Your First Visit to Meg Bowtell Dentist Clinic

Welcome and thank you for trusting us with your smile.

Your first visit to our clinic is where we get to know each other, and we address any immediate dental problems you may be having.

It Starts With Your History

Your dentist will greet you, and you will be given a medical history form to fill in. Remember to list all your current medications, including any over the counter or alternative medicines.

If you have extras cover on your health insurance, we can make an immediate claim on our HICAPS system and you need only pay the gap. Remember to bring your insurance card.

Addressing Your Problems and Concerns

Once the paperwork has been completed, your dentist will chat with you about your expectations, any dental problems you may be having), and any fears you may have about the dentist.

Anxious Patients

We understand that many people can be anxious about visiting the dentist, so we go out of our way to help make all visits as comfortable, calm and as pleasant as possible.

You can choose your favourite music from our extensive music collection, and wear headphones if you prefer. Nitrous Oxide (happy gas) is available to assist particularly anxious patients.

Your Initial Dental Treatment

Your dentist will start by looking at any specific dental problems you have raised and talk through what they have found as well as your treatment options.

They may use an intraoral camera, so you can see what they can see when they look in your mouth. If needed, x-rays may be taken to clarify issues or concerns.

Your dentist will then take you through a thorough dental check-up and clean to leave your teeth sparkling and smooth.

Want to get started?

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